The Power of Words

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Well-chosen words allow every voice to be heard. They unify, uplift and inspire hope.   

As a child, I was inspired to express myself by learning poems, experimenting with song lyrics, and doing logic problems, word puzzles and anagrams. 

When I became a senior executive, words were my secret skill. I wrote poems to summarise training sessions and wowed colleagues with spontaneous verse.  

I’ve now featured and headlined at global events and poetry slams and I co-host Prickly Pear – an accessible open mic event for those with disabilities. I’ve translated my love of well-chosen words into my role as Business Poet and Event Speaker.

If you’d like me to speak or perform at your conference, award ceremony or event rates start from £1500.

Conferences and Events

Business leaders who use poetry to inspire, motivate and engage are in good company – President Obama received poetry coaching to elevate his speeches.


Summarising your event with The Spoken Word Finale is the ultimate way to end a conference on a high. Maya Angelou was so right – people will forget what you said, forget what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel. The Spoken Word Finale will make your event unforgettable.


A specially themed keynote presented using the Pecha Kucha structure of 20 slides at 20 seconds a slide. A fast paced, engaging and mesmerising talk on your conference theme. Keynotes that highlight how to unlock creativity through Neuroinclusion.

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If Kate has presented a poem at an event you have attended and you would like a copy of it, we can provide a dual branded  version for just  £49!

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Poetry is an invaluable tool in the workplace. There are many ways you can integrate a POETIC© insight into your organisation. Most popular are our Resilience and Wellbeing workshops and team building events and retreats for Coaches and People Leaders.

The scientific bit

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This article illustrates how poetry can improve divergent thinking – (the precursor needed for innovation and strategic mindset)

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Nobel Peace Prize winning poem Utopia

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An easier to digest summary of the relationship between science and poetry

You don’t see poetry in business
So it doesn’t exist
Yet it does.
Poetry is truth.

When you seek the one truth
The beauty of a perfect ratio
The joy of the win-win scenario
The plan everyone wants to follow

It was a POETIC © way of thinking
That made it so.

© Kate Jenkinson 2023

Selected published works

We don’t employ poets here - DisruptHR Ignite Talk

Poetic License for Leadership - DisruptHR Ignite Talk

A spoken word reflection of a purpose vision and values coaching session

When Grandpa Built Sandcastles and Memories of Grandpa


POETRY NOT POWERPOINT is a Podcast hosted by John Brewer (The Conference Bard) and Kate Jenkinson (Business Poet at Next Step HR).

We will be bringing you compelling conversations with poets and spoken word artists from around the world. Each will share some of their work and we will discuss what inspires them and how they approach their craft. Our guests will vary. Some are business consultants who use poetry as part of their practice, others are full time spoken word artists who speak to a variety of audiences and everything in between. 

Core to these conversations is an exploration of how you can use poetry in business – whether it is to inspire a conference audience, think more creatively about leadership, inspire innovation, or to celebrate successes and milestones. During these podcasts, we demonstrate and discuss the power of verse to inspire, inform, connect people, and drive creativity among individuals, teams, and organisations.

Why?  The title says it all – As hosts we firmly believe business events would benefit from featuring more poetry and fewer PowerPoint presentations. We also believe in the validity of poetry as a medium wherever PowerPoint might be used – and elsewhere.  We will discuss the use of poetry in one-on-one coaching, team building, as well as an alternative to traditional presentations at conferences.

Today’s leadership calls for authenticity, vulnerability, emotional engagement, trust, honesty and great communication skills. Poets exhibit all of this and more…


This first episode features John and I discussing our own work and our plans for the series.

Click the link below to view/listen to our introductory episode:-

poetry in business workshops

Connect and reflect sessions focused on resilience. Themes include Perseverance, Positive Relationships, Balance, Honesty, Humour, Compassion, Confidence and Flexibility.

Spoken Word Finales

End your conference or event with impact!  

Spoken Word Finales surprise and delight, leaving audiences on a powerful emotional high. 

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I will find the poetry in your business – themed keynotes delivered in a Pecha Kucha format inspire and engage your audience. Themes include Neurodiversity and Inclusion. All Talks created with your event in mind.

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