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A one-off event to kickstart a new team or re-energise a current team. 1 hour facilitated sessions are available to build, restore or develop the trust and the psychological safety needed to work together, ready to deliver your purpose with clear outcomes.

Helps to create a foundation of trust from which to further develop team working.


1 hour sessions on a theme, examples are Resilience, Creativity, Trust, Humour.

The Nature of Teams

½ day workshop exploring and discovering the nature of your team, using Tetramap you can improve your communication, strategic planning, wellbeing and uncover constructive conflict.


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Following acquisition by private equity owners, a new HR function was established across the global organisation of a speciality chemical supplier. 

The 12 strong HR Leadership team learnt the difference between each other’s cultures and communication styles to harness the strengths of each team member to create the Global People Strategy. The event successfully resulted in new talent processes, pipelines and development programmes over the following 3-year period.

Professional and Personal Growth


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Team Development

A programme of team development activities, following a discovery and co-created process for functional or senior leadership teams. Developing future fit teams that deliver a positive and sustained organisation and societal impact, through intentional leadership.


The 45 strong finance team were transitioning from being reactive support to proactive business partners. Through a series of workshops developing trust, finding innovation through constructive conflict and improved accountability, the team’s cohesion and performance improved over a 2-year period; retaining and promoting talent into global roles and improving metrics annually.


A multiple team programme which involves coaching and workshops to improve the whole teams performance. Workshops include – creating your shared vision, identifying constructive conflict, inclusion, innovation and creating empowered followership. Take the readiness test here

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Are you stuck in a role or in a rut? Not sure where you want to go next, or how to move forward? Perhaps those who are close to you are suggesting you get a coach? Personal coaching can help you shift from where you are to the unknown of a more fulfilling and meaningful career.


Facing a personal crisis James reached out for support, after his partner suggested he look for an external coach. Off work following a health scare caused by burn out and stress, James considered his options using MBTI to identify where he got his energy from and how he could regain it in a negotiated return to work. Navigating the company processes was eased by having an experienced HR guide and coach. Ultimately James worked with his manager to change his responsibilities and moved into a new role as a promotion and his career prospects improved as a result of the programme of 6 sessions.


Jane was bored at work, she had been in the same role for the last 9 years and wanted to develop her future career path to create her own consultancy business. We used a creative approach to literally draw a picture of her desired future and identify the obstacles that were holding her back. Using this image to inspire her, Jane worked out a detailed plan as to how and when she could develop a career that she would be passionate about and that combined her interests for the outdoors with her love of helping people like herself.


Is your leadership needing a refresh? Is your impact not what you want, are your team so diverse you can’t satisfy everybody’s needs? You want to be an inclusive, empathic leader who achieves results through highly engaged people.

Your executive coach helps you identify what is and isn’t working for you within your organisation’s culture and structure. Taking a personal, then organisational approach, you will learn to harness the strengths of the whole team and work with your key stakeholders to deliver agreed outcomes.

Executive Coaching
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