Conflict in Teams is the Grit that Creates the Pearl

We are all familiar with the pearl starting life as the irritating grit in the oyster that is coated with nacre (mother of pearl; the inner iridescent shell) to make it smooth over time. Ultimately the pearl becomes a thing of beauty and value. This is a great metaphor for teamwork. The aim for developing […]

The myth of developing your weaknesses

The Myth of Developing your Weakness

One of my children’s favourite programmes on TV was MythBusters, where the myth busting team would apply science to well known sayings or daredevil stunts to see if the evidence proves them right or not. One of my favourites was ‘its as easy as taking candy from a baby’ – 25% more force was needed […]

Leading the Whole Person

Do you lead so that your people fit in or stand out? Are you expecting them to ‘toe the line’ or are you willing to let them shine? Consider this I have no clique, I fit perfectly then don’t fit, I belong where logic and poetry lie side by side I’m the space between verses, […]

Leadership and the art of Curiosity

Are you having the difficult conversations with your team? Not with the intention to prove to them that you are right but with the intention to listen, learn and empower your team? Failing to listen to those with different perspectives means you are not growing as a leader or as an organisation. Giving your team […]